Burnout Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen

I know I tend to lecture you guys about sunscreen but I do so with good reason.

90% of all aging is caused by the sun. Protect your skin and you won’t need to buy expensive anti-aging creams, lotions, and/or have to see a plastic surgeon.

But it’s hard to find a good physical sunscreen that doesn’t cost the earth. In the past, the cheap ones I’ve found all leave a white cast and are hard to apply. I feel like I’m rubbing my face off.

The expensive ones work beautifully but they cost me anywhere between $60-$100 for a 30ml tube.

Thank God for Burnout Ocean Tested Physical Sunscreen. $18 for a 100ml tube and it’s the BEST physical sunscreen I’ve tried. Read on to find out why.



The packaging on this is fairly basic. It comes in a tube with an open mouth.

Egads, though, I hate the yellow colour. Perhaps it’s just me but, whilst the colour of this tube would be useful in situations where I need to guide planes in to land, it’s just damned ugly.

On the bright side, when I’m sleepy in the morning, I can always find this.  I swear it glows in the dark.



So, let the rave begin.

Formula wise, this applies like a chemical sunscreen. One of the big criticisms of physical sunscreens is that they are not easy to apply. This is perfection. It’s like a moisturizer.

This doesn’t leave a white cast. That’s right. It’s a physical sunscreen (with 18.6% zinc) and there is no cast. So you don’t need to worry that you look like a ghost when you apply it.

It doesn’t pick upon flakies and/or dry skin. Physical sunscreens tends to highlight dry skin and grab onto flakies, making them look ten times worse (I’m looking at you Marie Veronique Organic Sunscreen, bane of my sunscreen existence). This doesn’t highlight any dry spots.

This not only protects my skin but is also the world’s most perfect makeup primer. I’ve found that this never quite stops being sticky on the skin (which may put some of you off, I realize). Because it retains a sticky texture on the skin, foundation sticks like glue. As in, it doesn’t move. I can apply my foundation over this at 8am and it will be in place at 10pm (although, as with any sunscreen, if you’re not topping it up during the day, protect your face with a hat or umbrella.  Even the best physical sunscreen will only offer up to 6 hours protection).

And finally, it’s reasonably priced. I pay $18 for a 100ml tube from the US. So, by a country mile, this is the best value physical sunscreen on the market.

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