How to get a 7 day manicure

There is nothing worse than investing time in a manicure, only to find it chipping after a couple of days. Let’s not speak of the horror we all feel when a manicure chips in less than 24 hours.

Today, I bring you my top tips on extending your manicure so that it will last at least seven days, maybe even longer.


Buff the top of your nails

This sounds strange but having a slightly abrasive nail bed will ‘grip’ product better than a smooth, perfectly polished nail bed.

What I do is use a buffer (of course, I recommend the YGN Buffer) and gently buff the nail bed with the dark grey side so that it’s not entirely smooth. It’s not rough enough that it will impact the final finish but it’s not shiny either.  As Goldilocks would say, it’s ‘just right’ for grabbing onto your base coat and giving you a flying start.


Clean the nail before applying your base coat

Cleanse your nail thoroughly before applying your base coat.

After you have finished buffing your nails, douse a cotton round in remover / acetone and clean the nail. This will not only remove any debris from buffing, it will also remove any oil / grease / residual moisture, leaving you with a dry and clean surface.

If you do have any oils or moisture on your hands, your base, colour and top coats won’t grip and you’ll find your manicure will peel within a couple of days.


Always use a base coat

A base coat is absolutely essential in any manicure. A base coat preps your nail to hold onto colour. It also prevents against staining.

To make the most of your base coats, apply it immediately after cleaning. And wrap your tips. You’ll find out why later.


Always use a top coat

Like a base coat, top coat is essential for me.

Think of your top coat as sunscreen. It will protect your precious colour from fading, chipping and wearing.

For me, I love thick top coats like Seche Vite.  They provide a physical wall against the elements and they maintain the shine and wear of my manicure.


Wrap the tips

Perhaps the most important tip of all. Always wrap your tips. Wrapping your tips involves ensuring that base, colour and top coats are applied to the very tips of your nails.  If you’re still not sure how to wrap your nails, this tutorial might help.


Wrapping the tips of your nails will protect the tips against the usual wear and tear we put our hands through.  If you open drink cans with your nails, or lift sticky tape with your nails or wash the dishes without gloves, wrapping the tips will minimize the chance of your manicure chipping or wearing away.

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